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Key policies - Wales

Working differently, working together – a workforce and organisational development framework, 2012
This is the first document to be published supporting 'Together For Health', the five-year vision for the NHS. It focuses on the vital role that all staff play in delivering safe and effective care for the people of Wales. It recognises that the NHS in Wales is working within a changing environment in challenging times. It is all the more important that staff are supported by the best in employment practices. This framework will support the development of the right staffing model in order to continue to transform the way we deliver healthcare.

Our Healthy Future  
A country where people are healthy is likely to be a country where people are happy. We all want good health for ourselves, our families, friends and neighbours. We are working on a new approach to help everyone live longer with better health. We’re calling this new approach 'Our Healthy Future'.

Delivering a Five-Year Service,Workforce and Financial Strategic Framework for NHS Wales 
We have new structures that promote integrated thinking and working across NHS Wales and close collaboration with our partners. The framework will set out how we will achieve this.This document is not the framework – or rather it is a part of it, the evidence base.

Fairer Health Outcomes for All 
This plan is about putting in place the building blocks to support a long-term and systematic approach and joint working with our citizens and partners to achieve greater equity in health.

Well-being of Future Generations 
The Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Bill will help tackle the inter-generational challenges Wales faces in a more joined up and integrated way - ensuring Welsh public services look to the long term. The Bill was introduced by Welsh Government in July 2014 to reinforce the fundamental role that public services in Wales play in helping to deliver our long term goals for the future well-being of Wales.

Chief Medical Officer for Wales Annual Report 2012-13: Healthier, Happier, Fairer
This report is focused on evidence and opportunities. After a summary of the current position, chapters assess how we could better protect and promote health and wellbeing for all and support the NHS.

Children and Young People 
A page devoted to the topic of children and young people on the Welsh Government website.

Together for Health: A five year vision for the NHS in Wales 
Together for Health is the five year vision for the NHS. It is based around community services with patients at the centre, and places prevention, quality and transparency at the heart of healthcare. The document outlines the challenges facing the health service and the actions necessary to ensure it is capable of world-class performance.


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