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Public Health eLearning Toolkit (PHeLT)

The PHeLT toolkit brings together a suite of freely available resources to help you improve your skills in the areas of critical appraisal, understanding copyright, and ethical use of information, including correct referencing. These resources include quick guides and tutorials that have been specially selected as being high quality and easy to use. PHeLT also includes a self-test element that allows you to identify particular areas to focus on when improving your skills. PHeLT is provided by the UK Health Forum (


User feedback:

PHORCaST relies on users' thoughts and feedback to impove its content - if you wish to offer feedback, suggest new content, or are willing to be approached to provide advice on any area of public health please, send your name, role and organisation details to


PHORCaST is a UK-wide website aimed at those working within public health, those wishing to enter public health and those responsible for public health education, development, training, planning and providing careers advice to the public health workforce.  It aims to promote public health careers for the entire public health workforce in the UK, and to aid recruitment and retention.

You will find information on the six areas of practice at different levels within the public health workforce and career stories of people working in those roles, the variety of jobs available (e.g. health promotion specialist, health trainer, environmental health officer, public health manager), starting a career in public health, competence frameworks, the skills and qualifications required for public health roles, advice on accessing education and training, key public health websites and much more.